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Our Mission & Vision

and the journey so far

Acupuncture is a well proven system of medicine with a lineage over 4000 years (though its first usage dates back to the Stone Age), and having vast knowledge resources and practiced in various parts of the world. Acupuncture is an established medical science and is a recognized system of healing in most of the countries of South East Asia and also several other countries including UK, USA and many parts of Europe. 

As per recent document  "WHO Traditional Medicine Strategy 2014-2023", "Out of 129 countries in the world (those who have responded to WHO queries) 103 countries already recognised Acupuncture as an independent system of medicine". India is the motherland of many sciences and Acupuncture is one science which was practiced in ancient India. China has nourished the science and taken it across the world. But the practice of Acupuncture is mentioned in all the traditional texts of ancient India.

The credit of rejuvenating Acupuncture in India goes to the team of Dr. B. K. Basu (Doyen of Acupuncture in India, one of the members of Historic Indian Mission to China in 1938-1943). Dr. Basu perfected his knowwledge from China and thus began the journey of Acupuncture in India from 1959.

Acupuncture Science Association (ASA) India was established in 2013 after Ludhiana National Meet [jointly initiated by Indian Research Institute for Integrated Medicine (IRIIM) and Dr. Kotnis Memorial Acupuncture College & Hospital, Ludhiana, Punjab] with an ambition to work towards Recognition of Acupuncture in India as an independent system of medicine by uniting on equal status of all sections of acupuncturists of India irrespective of their background and qualification.

ASA aims to support proper Acupuncture education in the country, help the practicing acupuncturists with proper guide lines as per World Health Organisation's (W.H.O) recommendations, create an awareness about Acupuncture Science in the country, providing Health care to the citizens through free medical camps and establish ethical code of conduct in Acupuncture practice and provide legal support to the practicing acupuncturists.

We are the largest professional nonprofit organization of Acupuncture practitioners in the country having members across 28 Indian States and Union Territories of India and 8 countries abroad.

Dr.Kotnis - Member of Indian Medical Mission to China

Dr. Basu. Doyen of Acupuncture in India

Team of Indian Medical Mission to China

Creating healthy India through Acupuncture, a drugless therapy.

Acupuncture as an independent system of medicine.

From 2013, driving mission into reality. Join us in our journey!


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