1. To work towards Recognition of Acupuncture in India as System of Medicine
  2. To protect the interest of Acupuncture Science and Acupuncture Practitioners.
  3. To work for the continuous development and advancement of Acupuncture in India.
  4. To encourage the interaction & integration of Acupuncture with the Allied sciences.
  5. To bring all the Acupuncture Practitioners & Acupuncture Health workers and Scientists under one roof for the betterment of suffering people.
  6. To encourage and arrange regular & special training program with the help of other academic and Research Organizations and/or Institutions.
  7. To arrange necessary program like medical camp, cultural program etc. to create awareness and support of the people.
  8. To undertake and organize awareness activities for health & hygiene in the light of traditional and modern aspect of Acupuncture and other therapies.
  9. To conduct conferences, seminars, symposia, workshop, demonstrations and exhibitions related to Acupuncture.
  10. To extend supports to the training, research and awareness program in the field of Acupuncture, in the form of awards, fellowship etc.
  11. To make contact with the foreign organisations and experts working in the field of Acupuncture and other Therapies in order to exchange views.
  12. To print, publish, exhibit and subscribe the periodicals, books, pamphlets and posters or to take the help of media, that may be considered desirable, for the promotion of the aims and objects of the organization with the prior permission from the appropriate authorities.
  13. To build a library having different books and case histories presented by the practitioners and papers of research works in the field of Modern and Traditional Medicines.
  14. To make contact with other organisations as well as experts of various fields for the advice to achieve the goal of the Society.