Representations & Contributions

By our team

Recognition of Acupuncture in India

National Level

  1. ASA India submitted & Proposal For Recognition Of Acupuncture System Of Medicine under Mechanism for Consideration of Proposals for Recognition to New / Alternative Systems of Medicine to Govt. of India, Department of Health Research (DHR), New Delhi on March 29, 2017.
  2. As the largest association representing majority of Acupuncturists of India, ASA India is one of the participants of high level Inter Departmental Committee (IDC) meetings held in Delhi on Oct. 4,2017, Nov. 22,2017 & Jan. 9, 2018). We are glad that after a long struggle, DHR has taken a policy decision to recommend Union Health Ministry regarding the recognition of Acupuncture as an Independent System of Healthcare/ Therapy (not System of Medicine). Immediately ASA India, placed its strong opinion before the competent authority to amend the above order mentioning “Acupuncture as an Independent System of Medicine” quashing the prevailed “Acupuncture as an Independent System of Health Care”. Reminder also sent. We are still waiting for their kind response. In the mean time, DHR formed Apex Committee on Acupuncture (ACA) for evaluation, formation of course & curriculum, rules & regulation etc. Few leading Acupuncturists of India & Acupuncture organizations including ASA India are included in ACA &; its 2 subcommittees. We are eagerly waiting for further development of DHR. We firmly believe that after formal announcement by the Union Health Ministry regarding Recognition of Acupuncture as an Independent System of Medicine (not Healthcare), (i) Formation of All India Independent Acupuncture Council (ii) Registration of all sections of Acupuncturist (iii) Opening up Colleges for Degree and Diploma courses all over India (iv) Development of Research Institutes on Acupuncture (v) Gradual inclusion of Acupuncture in National Health Care Delivery including Non Govt. sectors should come one after another.

State Level

  1. ASA India worked as a team with Maharashtra colleagues for obtaining the full recognition of Acupuncture as a system in the state. Now acupuncture practitioners are waiting for registration process to start by the Council of Acupuncture Therapy, Maharashtra. In other states also preparatory move have started in the line of West Bengal & Maharashtra.
  2. We are aware that at present throughout India the education and practice of alternative system of medicines (including Acupuncture) is regulated by Govt. of India 2003 order. So to develop Full Fledged Acupuncture Doctor, ASA India already submitted proposal to the Central and State Govt. to allow to start new Colleges in different states to introduce Full time Degree (5 1/2 yrs.) and Diploma (3 1/2 yrs.) courses on Acupuncture System of Therapy for 10+ 2 Fresher as per guideline of World Health Organisation (WHO) and State Health regulatory body if any.
  3. After primary nationwide survey regarding the present status of Acupuncture practice in India, ASA India introduced a refresher training program on Acupuncture-Moxibustion (AM) for existing Acupuncture Practitioners in line of worldwide accepted Acupuncture Training Guideline of WHO. The whole training is based on No Tuition Fee, but sharing the expenses only. After successful completion of 9 such sessions already held several centers all over India, we have decided for more such future Training Programs throughout India.
  4. Orgnised 1st. National Convention for Recognition of Acupuncture in India on Dec. 16 & 17, 2017 in New Delhi. Also organised 5 National meets and few regional meets throughout India, where major policy making Decisions have been undertaken.
  5. ASA India has already published 5 issues of ASA News Letter which is distributed to all the members free or subsidized cost.
  6. ASA India already have an active fraternal relation by different means like participation in conferences, CME, exchange of opinion with associations of acupuncture and acu-therapy of neighboring countries like China, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Western countries.